FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific simplifies SMEs' challenges with IT services


FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific declared the availability of IT Expert Services (ITES) in Singapore, a Managed IT Services powered by FUJIFILM CodeBlue. This service provides not just traditional IT support to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) by supplementing their in-house information technology (IT) teams but also acts as their single point of contact for all their technology needs.

IT Expert Services (ITES) is especially vital for businesses that are enabling digitisation, want to secure their network, and support their employees to work from anywhere. Customers want IT to “ease their work” so they can focus on their core business operations. In a recent survey, 69 percent of SMEs across Asia Pacific said that they would accelerate the digitalisation of their business and nearly 20 percent of SMEs found that an upgrade in technology and IT solutions is crucial to cutting costs.

“We experienced a ransomware attack previously and lost nearly 90 percent of our data. It was a painful lesson for us, and we realised that the root cause is due to lack of IT knowledge and management, resulting in poor data handling and backup,” said Sally Tan, Sales and Marketing Director, Inter-Span Marketing. “We are thankful to have implemented IT Expert Services with FUJIFILM Business Innovation Singapore. The local team is very responsive, and our IT issues can be resolved promptly. With their IT expertise, we can now mitigate all possible IT issues, strengthen our IT infrastructure and concentrate on our key business priorities without any worry of data breach.”

“While it is vital for businesses to build and enhance in-house IT capabilities, many companies - mainly SMEs - find this to be a huge investment while trying to hire the right resources. The two years of pandemic-induced economic slowdown has made it even harder,” said Masatsugu Naito, President, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific. “With IT Expert Services, SMEs can now benefit from cost effectiveness, ready access to skilled IT professionals, predictable costs, improved work efficiency and flexibility, as well as faster responses and resolution times.”

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