GenAI Boosts Worker Retention for 60% of Leading Asian Firms


ApproximatelyApproximately 60% of top companies in Asia plan to enhance their hardware and software technologies by 2025, aiming to improve worker retention through personalized work experiences and improved collaboration. Generative AI is identified as a transformative force for organizational progress, influencing Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), Generative Automation, and Knowledge Sharing.

The IDC report anticipates that by 2026, businesses integrating GenAI with intelligent document handling will discover 20% more utilization possibilities, leading to increased productivity, scalability, and improved customer experiences. Business teams utilizing code generation copilots are expected to achieve a 70% success rate in streamlining tasks through task/workflow automation, surpassing low-code and IT-supported development by 2024.

In 2025, GenAI tools are projected to empower senior leaders to double the effective utilization of unstructured data, uncovering previously untapped insights and knowledge, resulting in a 20% growth in sustainable business benefits, as highlighted in the report. Dr. Lily Phan, Research Director, Future of Work at IDC Asia/Pacific, emphasized the necessity and strategic importance of skill development with GenAI facilitating personalized growth. Additionally, the report underscores the reimagining of workplaces with digital twins and sustainability as key focuses for companies.

The report further mentions that by 2027, approximately 40% of existing job roles across organizations will be redefined or eliminated, accelerated by the adoption of GenAI. Enterprises are expected to leverage personalized technology skills development to drive $1 trillion in productivity gains by 2027, facilitated by the widespread integration of GenAI and automation across various domains.

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