GHY and Curtin university enter into an agreement to jointly shape the next generation of media & film talents


A leading diversified group in Asia's media and entertainment sector, G.H.Y Culture & Media Holding Co., Limited ("GHY," and collectively with its subsidiaries and its PRC Affiliated Entities, the "Group"), is pleased to announce that G.H.Y Culture & Media (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of GHY, has signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding ("MOU") with Curtin University for an academic

In accordance with the MOU, both parties have committed to I talking about opportunities for education-industry collaboration and work-integrated learning programmes, (ii) looking into the creation of a global major and cross-campus industry-integrated learning programmes, (iii) exchanging information about initiatives in fields of shared interest, and (iv) giving Curtin students mobility opportunities.

Known for its high-impact research, solid business relationships, and dedication to educating students for jobs of the future, Curtin Institution is an innovative, international university. One of the best universities in the world, Curtin University includes campuses in Dubai, Mauritius, Singapore, Malaysia, and Western Australia.

Since its founding, GHY has placed a high priority on finding, developing, and promoting talent in Southeast Asia's media and entertainment industries. While offering access to and valuable exposure of its end-to-end production capabilities, GHY has also started a number of partnerships with leading industry figures and educational institutions to increase the opportunities for aspiring talents to directly learn from industry experts and gain practical experience in this specialised industry.

With diversification into new growth adjacencies like musicals and its first-ever immersive live action game based on GHY's "Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty" drama series, the Group has also been extending its portfolio of entertainment content and products.

With a solid balance sheet and net working capital of about S$130.1 million as at 30 June 2022, the Group is in a good position to take advantage of both organic and inorganic growth opportunities, to benefit from the recovery, and to provide shareholders with sustainable long-term returns.

The technique of their media consumption is migrating from the big screen to their mobile phones with various types of personalization, according to Mr. Guo Jingyu, Executive Chairman and Group CEO. "New media consumers in Asia are dominated by younger generations," he added.

Both GHY and Curtin University share a common vision to provide a structured higher-learning platform in order to develop Asia's talent pool and technology in the media and film industry to become one of the best in the world. This will better prepare and equip students for the future trends in the media and film industry.

As a result of this academic partnership, there will be additional options for industry exchanges and on-the-job training programmes for students thanks to GHY's strong internal production capabilities and established industry network.

This is a component of GHY's efforts to expand its regional relationships and influence while fortifying its ties to Asia through technology and education that are intertwined with our diversified business strategy inside Asia's media and entertainment sector.

According to Curtin University's Pro Vice-Chancellor for the Faculty of Humanities, Professor Richard Blythe, "The MOU would present new chances for students to acquire priceless real-world experience. This innovative new industry-education partnership will unite GHY's strong internal production capabilities and established industry relationships with Curtin's long-standing and successful screen arts expertise.

"We are thrilled to be collaborating with GHY Culture and Media to assist nurture and foster the next generation of media and film industry stars throughout Asia," Professor Blythe continued

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