Gogolook and StoreFront Collaborate to Launch Anti-Fraud Caller-ID Service in Japan


TrustTrustTech service provider Gogolook has joined forces with StoreFront, the digital marketing and mobile service affiliate of Interspace, to launch the caller-ID service 'Darekana Block' in the Japanese market. This collaboration, employing an anti-fraud database licensing model (Caller Database Solution), introduces a mobile application aimed at combating fraud. The move responds to the escalating global concern highlighted in the 2023 Global Scam Report by the Global Anti-Scam Alliance (GASA), revealing scam-related financial losses exceeding one trillion US dollars, constituting 1.05% of the global GDP.

Gogolook, known for its dedication to digital anti-fraud innovation, has an edge in anti-fraud databases and AI research and development. The partnership extends beyond the launch of the globally popular caller-ID app Whoscall, encompassing a cooperative model of anti-fraud database licensing and product operation. StoreFront, with a robust presence in Japan through over 2,000 retail channels, will concentrate on market promotion, synergizing with Gogolook's emphasis on product innovation.

As a founding member of GASA, Gogolook collaborates with international law enforcement units, reinforcing its position in the fight against scams. The success of this cooperation model in Japan positions Gogolook to expand its engagement with business partners in Asia, Europe, and America, contributing to anti-fraud initiatives, enhancing consumer protection, and generating positive impacts globally.

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