Golden Agri-Resources Joins WBCSD for Sustainable Development


The The WBCSD has revealed that Golden Agri-Resources (GAR), a prominent agribusiness and palm oil producer, is its latest member to collaborate with a worldwide network of 200 businesses dedicated to expediting the shift towards a more sustainable world.

GAR will actively participate in the Agriculture & Food Pathway, with a focus on strengthening collaboration within the sector and supporting the Equitable Livelihoods workstream. Within this workstream, GAR's primary objective is to promote the development of robust and flourishing agriculture and food systems that prioritize fair livelihoods for all workers, placing the prosperity of farmers at the core of these systems. It is noteworthy that approximately one-third of human-induced greenhouse gas emissions are attributed to food systems.

Recent declarations like COP28's stance on sustainable agriculture and the FAO's global roadmap for agrifood systems highlight a growing global consensus regarding the crucial role played by the agriculture and food sectors in addressing climate challenges.

Peter Bakker, WBCSD President & CEO, expressed enthusiasm about GAR's decision to join the organization, emphasizing the commitment to positive transformation in agriculture and food systems. This partnership reflects the belief that food systems can be instrumental in addressing the climate and nature crisis, generating value for various stakeholders, including businesses, farmers, financiers and local governments. The collaboration aims to deliver ambitious and necessary changes for a more sustainable world.

A key focus will be on employing Scope 3 data accounting and metrics to monitor and evaluate the impact of agricultural practices on climate targets, with an overarching objective of safeguarding, restoring, and enhancing nature's capacity to provide ecosystem services. Furthermore, GAR's involvement as a Council member aims to advance the implementation of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, utilizing the collective expertise and resources of the group to drive positive changes. Additionally, GAR seeks to bring a Southeast Asian business perspective to address global priorities.

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