Hong Kong Unveils Comprehensive Action Plan to Boost Trade and Logistics


HongHong Kong's Transport and Logistics Bureau has introduced an ambitious Modern Logistics Development Action Plan, signaling its determination to establish the city as a premier global shipping center. Lam Sai Hung, Secretary for Transport and Logistics, outlined the key objectives, which include creating an eco-friendly port, elevating high-value maritime services, and attracting top talent to strengthen Hong Kong's global standing.

A pivotal aspect of the action plan is the commitment to developing a green and smart port. The government plans to explore the feasibility of providing green methanol and other clean energy refuelling facilities for both local and international vessels, aligning with environmental sustainability goals.

Recognizing the strategic importance of collaboration, Hong Kong aims to strengthen ties with Singapore as part of its "internalization" strategy. Lam highlighted the existing strong trade relationship between the two cities, emphasizing the potential for joint efforts to enhance logistics and trade.

Drawing inspiration from Singapore's successful practices, particularly in wind ports and smart ports, Hong Kong seeks to emulate and adapt these advancements. Lam emphasized ongoing efforts in developing digitized port community systems to improve transparency in information flow and enhance overall efficiency and competitiveness.

While there is no definitive mechanism for information sharing, Lam sees substantial opportunities for knowledge exchange and expertise-sharing between Hong Kong and Singapore in the logistics and trade sectors. The presence of Hong Kong professionals in Singapore's logistics sector is cited as evidence of the close ties between the two regions. The unveiling of this comprehensive action plan reflects Hong Kong's commitment to staying at the forefront of global trade and logistics, with a focus on sustainability, innovation, and collaboration with key partners.

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