iAccel Gulf Business Incubator, ERB Collaborate To Revolutionize the Fintech industry


iAccel Gulf Business Incubator (iAGBI), a well-known incubator in Dubai, has announced its partnership with ERB, a dynamic B2B2C Fintech finance broker for the BFSI market. The strategic partnership is set to usher in a new era of innovation and growth, in line with Dubai's D33 aim of becoming a worldwide financial powerhouse.

With Dubai as the epicenter of fintech innovation, garnering significant investments and expanding at an unprecedented rate, the collaboration between iAGBI and ERB marks a watershed point in the UAE's financial evolution. iAccel GBI, a facilitator of the India-UAE Startup Corridor, is dedicated to identifying, developing, and nurturing financial businesses throughout the UAE. iAccel GBI, a subsidiary of DET (Department of Economy and Tourism), works with many stakeholders in the UAE to accelerate the digital transformation of the financial sector.

As policymakers and industry leaders take a proactive approach to create an enabling ecosystem for fintech innovation, the financial sector in Dubai has now become a key driver of the emirate's economy, contributing up to 10% of its GDP. This growth has been instrumental in attracting foreign investments, supporting the growth of MSMEs and promoting entrepreneurship, as per zawya.

Speaking about the incorporation, Deepak Ahuja, CEO & Co-Founder of iAccel Gulf Business Incubator said, “The UAE has consistently maintained a forward-thinking approach, readily embracing cutting-edge technologies. Given its business-friendly climate, we anticipate substantial growth in the UAE's emergence as a fintech startup and entrepreneurial hub. I am certain that with innovative fintech concepts like ERB entering the scene, it will increase collaboration between the Indian and UAE startup ecosystems, while providing a robust platform for the seamless exchange of financial products in the B2B2C realm.”

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