India and Germany have Wonderful Cooperation Say Philipp Ackermann


As per German Ambassador to India Philipp Ackermann, India and Germany have had wonderful collaboration thus far, and the two nations have a bright future ahead of them.

"I see a great future. We have a wonderful cooperation so far. I see great room for intensified cooperation when it comes to business and more investments...I see more activities in the field of green and sustainable development, we have a partnership together...I see a great chance in migration...We have concluded a migration mobility partnership with the Indian government," the German Ambassador said while speaking on India-Germany ties. Ackermann was in Delhi's Nehru Park for the G20 tree plantation ceremony.

He said: "It is a highly symbolic event. The G20 this year was a green G20 to a certain extent and it has to become greener. The Delhi Declaration reflects the 'Greenness' of the G20..."

Philipp Ackermann further added that the current geopolitical circumstances are very difficult. "Under these circumstances, the Indian presidency did a miracle in coming up with this declaration, covering all important aspects in a very satisfactory way...I have to congratulate the Indian presidency for this declaration which is a meaningful declaration that sets the tone for the future G20 presidencies."

Meanwhile, External Affairs Minister (EAM) S Jaishankar at the tree plantation ceremony said the G20 bridged strong positions, deep divides and turned out to be far better than most people expected, as per business standard. 

"About 3 weeks ago, I was in New York for the United Nations General Assembly. I must share with you that the G20 was very much the subject of conversation. A lot of people were still a little surprised that the G20 could bridge what were strong positions and deep divides," the EAM said.

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