India-Saudi: Bolstering Strategic Partnership For Mutual Prosperity


During the discussions with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud in New Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the importance of the alliance between India and Saudi Arabia as a pillar of stability and prosperity for the region and the world. Saudi Arabia is one of India's most important strategic allies, and both countries are actively working to improve their ties in order to keep up with the times.

Initiating the India-Saudi Arabia Strategic Partnership Council, the meeting between Modi and Bin Salman was a turning point in the two countries' bilateral relations. Prime Minister Modi emphasized the identification of many measures in his opening remarks with a view to taking their tight relationship to new heights. He stated, “Our relationship will get a new direction and energy in today’s meeting.”

The 2019 establishment of the India-Saudi Arabia Strategic Partnership Council provides a venue for further cooperation in a number of important areas. Following the G20 Summit, Crown Prince Bin Salman paid a state visit to India, underscoring the commitment to fostering this crucial alliance.

The discussions were sparked by the formal welcome given to the Crown Prince at Rashtrapati Bhavan. In addition to expressing his happiness to be in India, Bin Salman praised it for holding the G20 Summit. He praised the summit's declarations for their importance, emphasized how the world would benefit from them, and reaffirmed their shared commitment to building successful futures for their respective countries.

Among India's Middle Eastern strategic allies, Saudi Arabia is a key player. The two countries' relations have significantly improved recently, with an emphasis on enhancing defense and security cooperation. 

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