Indonesia Firm Mega Buana Teknologi Partners with Stellar Cyber To Offer Integrated Cybersecurity Solutions


Stellar Cyber and PT Mega Buana Teknologi (MBT), a provider of digital solutions and a division of the CTI Group, have formally partnered to offer integrated cybersecurity solutions through a single Open XDR (Extended Detection and Response) platform. This partnership is a measure taken by MBT to address the need for more comprehensive cybersecurity among Indonesian businesses.

Beyond enhancing corporate performance, the speed of technological advancement and digitalization in the workplace creates several chances for cybercriminals to act in increasingly complex and sophisticated ways. There are many remote working models (43%), accelerated cloud adoption (43%), increased use of the internet of things (34%), and increased supply chain digitization (32%), but these trends have not been matched by better cybersecurity risk management strategies, according to a report from the PwC Digital Insights Survey: A Southeast Asia Perspective. 

In Southeast Asia, only 17% of businesses have completely eliminated cybersecurity risks associated with digitization, and many more have not put any preventive measures in place to deal with cyberattacks.

Seeing this as a challenge, MBT works with Stellar Cyber in order to assist businesses in Indonesia in overcoming the difficulty in maintaining cybersecurity as a result of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks and the MBT IT environment, which also keeps changing as business expands. 

With NexGen-SIEM, TIP, UEBA, NDR, SOAR, and other features built into one platform (all-in-one SecOps platform) from Stellar Cyber, Open XDR offers efficiency and convenience for all business people when detecting, looking into, and responding to cyberattacks.

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