Intelligent Engineering Platform Motion G raises over US$15M to enhance the formation of data-centric foundation models


Recently, Motion G, Inc. received more than $15 million in a Pre-A financing headed by New Wheel Capital. To dramatically speed up the industrial engineering processes, the startup intends to accelerate the creation of data-centric foundation models, digital twins, and automation software.

The engineering processes for product design, verification, testing, production, and services will be fundamentally altered by AI and smart software, and this paradigm shift presents a fantastic chance to immediately increase industry energy efficiency. Motion G, a Singapore-based company, is creating the intelligent engineering platform to take advantage of the aforementioned prospects and trends. The platform can enable features on demand for low-cost delivery, verify designs in real-time, and dramatically cut R&D costs and time to market. It can also make industrial products smarter and more operationally effective.

The solutions for conventional motion control have been changed by Motion G's intelligent engineering platform as its first application. Manufacturers of flexible transportation systems, Li-ion batteries, food and beverage packaging systems, industrial robots, semiconductors, 3C devices, autonomous guided vehicles, and electric tools have quickly adopted these technologies.

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