JA Solar Agrees Solar Module Distribution Cooperation Agreement with BayWa r.e. For Asia-Pacific Region


A strategic collaboration agreement for the distribution of solar modules in APAC area was recently inked by JA Solar and BayWa r.e., further solidifying their partnership in the region's distribution sector. The partnership supports the growth of distributed PV industry in the area and fully exploits each party's advantages in  photovoltaic field.

With years of experience in PV business, BayWa r.e. is a major global provider of renewable energy services and PV power plant projects. To supply top-notch goods and solutions for regional PV markets, JA Solar and BayWa r.e. have formed a long-term collaboration in more than 30 nations.

Junrhey Castro, Managing Director of BayWa r.e., said, " JA Solar has a proven track record in the industry for continuous technological innovation, stable financial strengths, high quality and reliable products, making it one of the most trusted PV Suppliers of BayWa r.e in the region and globally. The distribution partnership of high quality PV module solution forms a strategic fit to meet the needs of the growing business and customers in our region. We look forward to the signing of this agreement to further deepen exchange and cooperation between the two companies, while continuing to give full play to our respective advantages, creating even greater value in the Asia-Pacific PV market."

Steven Chen, Assistant President of JA Solar, said: "BayWa r.e. is committed to providing customers with high-quality PV solutions and has numerous excellent cases in the global market. It is an honor for JA Solar to establish a long-term cooperation with BayWa r.e. and the signing of this agreement marks a more stable partnership between JA Solar and BayWa r.e. We look forward to future collaborative efforts between both parties to promote the development of the Asia-Pacific PV market and boost the popularization and application of new PV energy."

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