Japanese firm Nippon Express and Silk Way West Airlines inks MOU on air cargo transport


Nippon Express Holdings and Silk Way West Airlines, an Azerbaijani cargo airline, inked an agreement to further and promote their cooperation in the air cargo transport industry.

The 2012-founded and Baku, Azerbaijan-based Silk Way West Airlines has been rapidly extending its network to key airports in Asia, including Narita Airport, as well as in Europe and the US.

The Nippon Express Group has positioned forwarding as one of its core businesses in the “Nippon Express Group Business Plan 2023: Dynamic Growth,” and it is vigorously pursuing initiatives in line with its growth strategies for the air forwarding business.

As the official 30th anniversary of the beginning of diplomatic relations between Japan and the Republic of Azerbaijan, 2023 is rather significant.

The Nippon Express Group and Silk Way West Airlines have reached this agreement as part of their formal commitment to provide solutions that enhance their clients' intricately shifting supply chains.

The relationship will support the expansion of commercial links and deeper communication between the two nations. At the same time, it fulfils the long-term goal of the Nippon Express Group to establish itself as a major player in the global logistics industry.

The Nippon Express Group has stated that it “will continue striving to expand its air forwarding business by offering access to a global network and high-quality international air transport services.”

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