J&T International Partners With HeyTap Technology To Deepen Cooperation In Logistics Financial Services


J&T International, a global provider of integrated logistics solutions, announced a strategic partnership with Shenzhen HeyTap Technology Corp., Ltd. ("HeyTap Technology") to jointly provide logistics financial services on the 133rd China Import and Export Fair

HeyTap Technology is the official partner of OPPO, Realme, and OnePlus among other brands. As part of the partnership, J&T International and HeyTap Technology will introduce an integrated solution of "Logistics + FinTech" that stretches across inclusive finance, digital ecosystem, and international business cooperation. 

The two parties will carry out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in various fields to provide value-added logistics financial services in a standardized and efficient manner, promoting inclusive finance in the cross-border logistics ecosystem to benefit upstream and downstream enterprises and accelerate the quality development of the industry.

Qin Fang, Head of J&T International Supply Chain, said: "As logistics technology and financial tools continue to advance, logistics finance has become an important area for enterprises to boost their growth potential and competitiveness. 

The partnership with HeyTap Technology showcases J&T International's commitment to further enhancing our overall competitiveness. J&T International is dedicated to reducing transaction costs and optimizing efficiency in cross-border logistics, providing better services for customers and enterprises around the world."

Ge Shen, General Manager of Industrial Finance at HeyTap Technology, said: "We are committed to promoting the integration of digital technology and real economy to deliver digital solutions for supply chain finance, improving the access to finance for more than 40,000 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) nationwide. The partnership with J&T International is a demonstration of our global expansion. By providing innovative financial solutions in cross-border logistics, HeyTap Technology seeks to build win-win cooperation with upstream and downstream enterprises to facilitate the development of the cross-border logistics industry."

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