Malaysia Healthcare collaborates with AirAsia


Malaysia Healthcare Vacation Council (MHTC) works with AirAsia to provide full premium wellness travel packages in Georgetown, Penang, to AirAsia customers flying from Cambodia as part of MHTC's mission to provide accessible preventative healthcare and wellness solutions for global citizens. The package includes lodging at a 5-star hotel, as well as leisure travel itineraries, as well as a premium health screening at MHTC's Elite Member Hospital with solutions and treatments customised to one's specific needs.

The premium wellness package, which has rates starting at USD 1,500, offers a Buy One Get One Free deal for a four-day, three-night trip for AirAsia guests flying nonstop from Phnom Penh to Penang. The two-person package ensures that vacationers may spend time with their loved ones.

In an industry-wide collaborative effort with top-tier private hospitals, hotels, and travel companies in Malaysia, the partnership between MHTC and AirAsia is one of the initiatives under Malaysia Healthcare's Premium Wellness Programme. It aims to integrate comprehensive health screening with world-class accommodation and leisure tour offerings into one practical, comprehensive premium package for healthcare travellers.

"Malaysia Healthcare has been advocating the need to focus on preventive health and wellness, encouraging global citizens to adopt healthier lifestyles. As we begin the new year, we encourage travellers to kickstart 2023 with a health and wellness travel. It gives us great pleasure to partner with AirAsia, inviting healthcare travellers from Cambodia to come to Malaysia and 'Rediscover Health and Rejuvenate with Malaysia Healthcare', while indulging in the comforts of top-notch hotels and enjoy the country's touristic attractions via specially arranged tours," said Mohd Daud Mohd Arif, Chief Executive Officer of MHTC.

"MHTC is actively exploring new avenues to reach out to healthcare and tourism players and form strategic partnerships in providing more healthcare and wellness travel options for global patients. Hence, our partnership with AirAsia marked another step forward for us in exploring strategic collaborative opportunities with like-minded partners to provide affordable, accessible, seamless, and end-to-end quality healthcare, and ensure that healthcare travellers to Malaysia are given the Best Healthcare Travel Experience," added Mohd Daud.

The recent involvement of MHTC, Tourism Malaysia, and 50 Malaysian delegates from the tourism and healthcare industries in the World Travel Market 2022 (WTM) was one of the measures the company undertook to promote the distinctive health and wellness offers in Malaysia. As part of the ceremony, MHTC also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with SHINON Healthcare, a renowned medical assistance and healthcare consultancy that offers individuals seeking treatment abroad specifically tailored service options and packages.

With the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding, SHINON Healthcare will assist healthcare travellers from the identified source markets to experience Malaysia's top-notch quality, easily accessible, and affordable healthcare, as well as promote business relationships between the healthcare industries within the markets, with the goal of giving healthcare travellers a seamless, end-to-end healthcare experience and providing them with high-quality care for peace of mind.

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