Mbank Collaborates With Emarat To Unveil Mbank Wallet Services


Al Maryah Community Bank (Mbank), a leading digital bank in the UAE, partners with Emirates General Petroleum Corporation-Emarat, one of the pioneers in the nation’s petroleum industry with a wide network of service stations and distribution facilities across the UAE, to launch the Mbank Wallet services across more than 120 Emarat service stations in Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

Customers will soon be able to enjoy the convenience of safe, seamless, and contactless payment transactions at Emarat stations on fuel and convenience store Freshplus products. All customers have to do is scan the QR code at the checkout counter using their mobile phones, enabling them to complete payment transactions within seconds. Moreover, through Mbank Wallet, consumers will gain access to a set of services that will enable them to earn and shop with MPoints, get exclusive offers from the Mbank Lifestyle Club, and redeem rewards.

Mbank Wallet is the first digital wallet in the uAE that has been approved and licensed by the Central Bank of the UAE. What distinguishes it is that users are not required to go through the hassle of creating a bank account to use it! They can simply open an account with their Emirates ID and issue money transfers to and from other UAE banks via IBAN number only. 

Downloading the app, opening an account, and transferring money can all happen in a matter of minutes! This opens the potential for greater financial inclusion and enables any UAE National or resident to access financial products that meaningfully impact how they live and work. To add money to Mbank Wallet, users can do so through cash deposits via Mbank ATMS or any of the 400+ foreign money exchange and remittance Mbank partner branches across the UAE.

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