Mitsubishi Electric Merges With Movensys Form To Widen AC Servo And Motion Control Businesses


To improve cooperation in their respective AC servo and motion control businesses, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and MOVENSYS Inc. jointly announced that they have formed a business partnership. Mitsubishi Electric is moving through with acquiring an equity position in Movensys as per the agreement.

The usage of industrial computers for motion control applications in AC servo industries has increased significantly in recent years, particularly for machinery used in the manufacture of semiconductors and electronic components. The demand for more sophisticated motion control capabilities, such as high-speed synchronous control of many motors, is predicted to increase due to the continued evolution of industrial-computer CPUs.

To increase production, Mitsubishi Electric produces high-speed, high-precision AC-servo systems, which are predominantly employed in Japan but are also used globally. Movensys offers motion control software for AC servomotors found in primarily Asian-sourced personal computers. Through high-speed synchronous communication, the company's proprietary solutions offer stable real-time control without the need for specialised hardware.

By merging the technology and product-proposal abilities of Movensys, Mitsubishi Electric hopes to grow its AC servo business targeting semiconductor production machinery and other uses. Movensys anticipates increasing sales of their motion control software, which provides multiple-motor synchronous controls without the need for specialised hardware, by utilising Mitsubishi Electric's extensive global sales network. 

Utilising one other's commercial assets and technological advantages, the partners hope to maximise synergies and ultimately accelerate the development of smart factories and contribute to enhanced efficiency on a global scale.

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