Modi Group Plans Rs 6,000 Crore Investment in India Over 5 Years


RajarshiRajarshi Bhupendra Modi, founder of the Modi Group, revealed plans to invest Rs 6,000 crore in India over the next five years, aiming to establish wellness cities. The group, known for its real estate ventures in Singapore, New York, and Dubai, has allocated Rs 1,000 crore for specific projects. This includes a 2 million sq ft healthcare initiative in Delhi's Saket and an integrated township in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh. Collaborating with Miami-based real estate giant David Lynd, the group intends to develop residential buildings in Miami, FL, USA, and Saket, New Delhi, India, under a unified global brand. Additionally, the Rampur township project is already underway, slated to introduce the region's first hotel, cinema, and mall facilities.

The Saket Health City project by the company aims to establish a healthcare hub encompassing medical office buildings, wellness residences, and senior living residences. Modi mentioned that, based on current approvals, the development scope spans around 2 million sq ft, with potential for future expansion. Additionally, the company is exploring new cities for potential land acquisition to further their development initiatives. These endeavors are anticipated to generate numerous employment opportunities directly and indirectly across various cities in India. The company's primary focus remains on preventive healthcare, wellness, and technology-driven infrastructure.

Incorporating wellness into every aspect of their initiatives is a core principle for the company. Modi highlighted recent land acquisitions in Dwarka, Gujarat, aimed at establishing a wellness resort. Moreover, the company intends to explore development opportunities in Ayodhya, with a strong emphasis on wellness components. The Modi Yoga Retreat, presently operational in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, plans to expand its footprint with a new building in Rishikesh and a series of retreats in Dwarka, Gujarat.

The company has already invested Rs 2,000 crore in Modipur, Rampur, to develop a comprehensive global smart city. This ambitious project includes multiplexes, malls, luxury hotels, urban residences, and futuristic manufacturing industries focusing on AI technology. A recent groundbreaking ceremony was held for the Modi aircrete & ancillary factory in Modipur, intended to revolutionize construction practices in India and significantly reduce construction timelines, as per Modi's statements.

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