Mustapha Louni Named Chief Business Officer at Uptime


UptimeUptime Institute is delighted to announce Mustapha Louni's appointment as the Chief Business Officer, a newly established role aimed at steering strategic direction and ensuring client success. In this capacity, Mr. Louni will lead the global sales and marketing divisions, driving overall business value for all Uptime clients. He will also continue to oversee operations across the Middle East, India, Africa, and the Asia Pacific regions. In this enhanced role, Mr. Louni is positioned to play a significant part in steering Uptime's global expansion by spearheading strategic initiatives to boost market awareness about Uptime's expanded service lines and delivery capabilities, which uniquely support the global data center industry. These initiatives aim to enhance availability, resilience, sustainability, and cybersecurity within the digital infrastructure. Louni's appointment reaffirms and broadens Uptime Institute's three-decade commitment to advancing excellence in the global data center sector.

"Martin McCarthy, CEO of Uptime Institute, highlighted the ongoing digital transformation and the remarkable surge in data center demand driven by cloud adoption, AI advancements, and the continued prominence of hybrid digital infrastructure," he stated. "These intricate market demands necessitate visionary leadership, exemplified by Mustapha Louni. His adept management of business aspects, coupled with his proactive approach in anticipating industry changes and trends, has earned him trust and respect from clients. Mr. Louni's appointment signifies his ongoing contributions to Uptime and his potential for further impact".

"In 2014, Mr. Louni joined Uptime in the UAE, leveraging his extensive background from roles at Panduit and Schneider Electric in Paris and Dubai. As the first commercial resource in the Middle East & Africa, he significantly expanded Uptime's regional presence. Within a year, he established the fastest-growing regional office, which has now extended to the Asia-Pacific regions under his guidance. This expansion has added dedicated team members across over a dozen countries in these regions. Additionally, a new Uptime office in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), inaugurated this year, further solidifies the company's commitment to growth and excellence in serving critical digital infrastructure markets".

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