NKK Investments and UrbanKisaan Announce Strategic Agreement To Transform AGri Business


Nailesh Kanaksi Khimji (NKK) Investments, a company in the agritech, green hydrogen, and sustainability sectors, has announced a strategic partnership with UrbanKisaan, an agritech startup from the US, with its research center in India. This alliance is set to transform hydroponic farming practices in Oman, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

Under the umbrella of this joint venture, NKK Investments aims to introduce UrbanKisaan’s advanced hydroponic and vertical farming technology to Oman. The focal point of this venture is to popularise UrbanKisaan’s innovative farming techniques, rendering them more affordable and accessible to Omani farmers. By harnessing the power of hydroponics and vertical farming, the joint venture seeks to empower local agriculturalists to cultivate higher yields with significantly fewer resources, consequently enabling them to invest wisely in the future of farming.

A key facet of this collaboration lies in the intent to extend UrbanKisaan’s technology across Oman’s borders, to benefit farmers in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. This technology, proven to be environmentally conscious and resource-efficient, allows crops to flourish with minimal water and land utilization in comparison to conventional methods. The result is not only a reduction in the carbon footprint but also the production of highly nutritious crops.

Chirayu Khimji, director of NKK Investments and KR Group, said: “Our partnership with UrbanKisaan aligns perfectly with our commitment to fostering sustainable advancements in agriculture within the sultanate. Most importantly, we will be able to serve our customers with technology to allow them to grow more with less.”

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