NorthStandard Opens New Office in Asia


NewcastleNewcastle-based worldwide marine insurance provider NorthStandard has broadened its presence in Asia by inaugurating a new office. Following its merger with North P&I Club and the Standard Club in the previous year, the company has established a branch in Seoul, South Korea. This new office is projected to become operational in late spring, marking a strategic move for the firm. The expansion in Asia follows the establishment of the joint Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore just a year ago. This move underscores NorthStandard's commitment to strengthening its foothold in the region and enhancing its global marine insurance services.

Taking charge of the newly established office in Seoul, Shang Doe Shim will play a pivotal role in advancing the company's commitment to being a prominent player in the Asian market. As the Head of the Asia-Pacific region for NorthStandard, David Roberts expressed his enthusiasm about the continued expansion of their Asian network through the addition of the Seoul office. He emphasized the company's dedication to strengthening services and leveraging global expertise directly from its headquarters in Newcastle.

Roberts highlighted the strategic significance of the expansion into South Korea, considering it a natural progression following the launch of the combined headquarters just a year ago. Recognizing South Korea as one of the largest country markets in the region, he emphasized that this expansion aligns with the company's goal of delivering enhanced value to one of its most crucial customer bases. This strategic move is expected to contribute significantly to the company's overarching objectives in the Asian market and underscores its commitment to providing top-notch services and expertise.

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