PT Meratus Line partners with Google Cloud and PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk


In order to drive digital innovation and solidify its position as a customer-centric business, PT Meratus Line (Meratus), the top marine and logistics operator in Indonesia, today announced a strategic partnership with Google Cloud and PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk (Metrodata). To create Indonesia's first marine logistics "super app" and integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into its operations, Meratus will embrace Google Cloud's open data cloud and draw on Metrodata's technical know-how.

Indonesia is a nation with a thriving maritime industry, and its strategic location along the Strait of Malacca and the Sunda Strait highlights its potential to increase exports and develop itself as an important hub for global trade. Domestic shipping is essential for easing the equitable distribution of products and commodities throughout the archipelago's more than 17,000 islands as well as for linking local communities with chances for revenue growth. For instance, Indonesia's second busiest port is Tanjung Perak Port, where Meratus is based. The port has evolved into the hub of inter-island shipping in Eastern Indonesia as a result of its location.

Meratus, a significant player in the regional shipping market, runs more than 65 vessels, two container terminals, 20 container logistic centres, and more than 40 agency networks to provide point-to-point and network transportation services along 35 domestic and international shipping routes.

Meratus has moved its digital real estate from on-premises data centres to Google Cloud's scalable, secure, and carbon-neutral infrastructure to reinforce its position as a market leader. Additionally, it breaks down internal data silos by using Google Cloud's Apigee application programming interface (API) management platform and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) to automate application deployment.

Customers can now access Meratus' services through a single application interface as a result. You may do things like check out the most recent vessel schedules, order a shipment, get notified when your order is accepted, and find out where your cargo is when the ship is at sea. GKE eliminates the need for manual backend IT configurations, allowing Meratus' technology teams to refocus their efforts on creating fresh super app features that benefit users.

Farid Belbouab, CEO of PT Meratus Line, said: “We recognize our industry’s essential role in supporting the government’s ‘Making Indonesia 4.0’ initiative and ‘Proud of Indonesia-made Products Movement,’ to drive economic development and uplift local livelihoods. Our choice of Google Cloud as our primary cloud provider affirms our commitment to delivering the future of integrated maritime logistics. We will not blank sail any aspect of this voyage. Google Cloud’s open data cloud empowers our staff to develop a super app with greater speed and agility. As we expand our logistics distribution services across the archipelago and beyond, we will continue working with Google Cloud and Metrodata to optimize our business processes and deliver integrated world-class customer experiences.”

Meratus is using pre-trained Vision AI and machine learning (ML) models for computer vision, language, and structured data on Google Cloud's Vertex AI platform since its modernised databases are functioning well on Google Cloud infrastructure. Meratus' technology teams can now speed up the creation of demand forecasting, dynamic pricing, and predictive maintenance products because they are no longer need to create ML frameworks from scratch.

The operations teams at Meratus will benefit from having granular, real-time visibility into the supply and demand for various vessel and shipping container types thanks to these AI-powered tools. This will enable them to match the appropriate resources to the right kinds of shipments while maximising vessel space and cargo capacity. Staff can estimate the remaining value of logistical assets and anticipate when a machine or component needs to be replaced when Vision AI identifies patterns from sensor data that signal changes in equipment condition, specifically degradation or wear and tear. Reduced maintenance expenses, improved operating efficiency, and increased safety are the results of doing this.

Megawaty Khie, Country Director, Indonesia and Malaysia, Google Cloud, said: “Our work with Meratus is a strong demonstration of how our open data cloud can help regional players acquire the agility that’s needed to quickly launch new applications, infuse AI into day-to-day operations, and achieve business differentiation. Together with our partner Metrodata, we look forward to expanding our collaboration with Meratus, especially as the company continuously enhances its super app to better serve customers, advances its sustainability objectives with cloud technology, and contributes to our country’s ambitions to become an international transhipment and integrated maritime logistics hub.”

Susanto Djaja, President Director, PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk, said: “Meratus has been a pioneer in many areas, from being the first local shipping company to operate a dedicated container liner service to initiating the Archipelago Connectivity Project and launching international shipping routes to new destinations. As Indonesia’s largest information and communications technology solutions provider, we are proud to be supporting Meratus’ digitalization journey and its efforts to build Indonesia’s first maritime logistics super app. By implementing Google Cloud’s cutting-edge technologies at scale, Meratus is poised to take customer-centricity to the next level and strengthen its industry leadership position.”

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