PwC Hong Kong partners with WatchTower for cybersecurity


Global cybersecurity technology startup watchTowr is thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration with PwC Hong Kong ('PwC'). Based in Singapore and with a footprint across Europe and Asia Pacific, watchTowr leverages years of expertise in aiding some of the globe's largest enterprises. As per the MITRE CVE Programme, over 26,000 vulnerabilities, including 5,000 critical ones, were documented in 2023. PwC's Dark Lab statistics reveal a more than tenfold increase in exploitation speed by threat actors since 2021 – these actors now capitalize on published vulnerabilities within days.

Rapidly identifying your exposure to these vulnerabilities and promptly assessing their impact on your system is essential. This enables organizations to allocate resources effectively and prioritize addressing the most critical issues. Yet, maintaining a comprehensive view of the attack surface is challenging in today's complex networks and systems managed by organizations.

As cybersecurity threats continue to evolve and proliferate, it's crucial to remain ahead of adversaries. This necessitates adopting a hacker's mindset and predicting their actions. This ethos underpins the strategic partnership between PwC Hong Kong and watchTowr, where both premier cybersecurity firms align with a shared vision.

Benjamin Harris, CEO, watchTowr, said, "2024 is only just beginning, and yet organizations have already faced a barrage of critical, exploitable vulnerabilities in mission-critical appliances and software. We're extremely proud to partner with PwC, delivering an incredibly powerful outcome to organizations – to prevent breaches".

The watchTowr Platform, integrating Attack Surface Management and Continuous Automated Red Teaming technology, employs state-of-the-art tools and offensive security proficiency to provide organizations with immediate insight into potential compromises by attackers. Operating at scale and autonomously, the watchTowr Platform comprehensively charts an organization's attack surface, swiftly identifies exploitable vulnerabilities, and simulates the resourcefulness and tenacity of genuine attackers.

"Through this partnership, we aim to combine our strengths to deliver a holistic and innovative approach to cybersecurity, ensuring that our clients stay safe and secure in this ever-evolving threat landscape", emphasized PwC Hong Kong Cybersecurity and Privacy Partner Kok Tin Gan. "We integrate watchTowr's advanced ASM technology with PwC's Dark Lab's real-life incident response experience to provide continuous testing and assurance that reflects the reality of today's cyber threats".

The collaboration equips CISOs with instantaneous visibility and practical insights into their organization's attack surface, facilitating swift responses to emerging threats. This enhanced speed and efficacy lead to a substantial decrease in the time required to identify and address vulnerabilities, shrinking from weeks or months to mere hours. Moreover, it cultivates a community of cybersecurity experts who embrace an offensive approach as a means of defense. By adopting a hacker's perspective, they gain insight into and effectively counteract the motives and techniques of adversaries, safeguarding not only their organizations but also the broader cyber ecosystem.

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