Samsung Partners with Princeton for 6G Tech Advancements


InIn a significant stride towards the development of 6G network technologies, Samsung has announced a partnership with Princeton University in the United States. Samsung Research America (SRA), the company's research and development arm, will join Princeton University's 'NextG Initiative Corporate Affiliates Program' as a founding member. This collaboration aims to lead research and development efforts in the field of 6G technologies.

Princeton University's initiative, launched last year by the School of Engineering and Applied Science, focuses on expediting the adoption of new technologies and fostering innovation across various sectors. The program covers areas such as cloud and edge networks, intelligence sensing, and network resilience.

As part of the corporate affiliate program, SRA will collaborate with other prominent companies including Ericsson, Intel, MediaTek, Nokia Bell Labs, Qualcomm Technologies, and Vodafone. This collective effort seeks to drive innovation and advancements in 6G technology.

Charlie Zhang, Senior Vice President at SRA, expressed encouragement for Princeton's researchers to pursue innovation and develop disruptive technologies that could lead to significant breakthroughs in 6G. Samsung Electronics, a global leader in smartphones and memory chips, has been actively focusing on advancing next-generation communication technology. The company established the Advanced Communications Research Center (ACRC) in 2019 and hosted the inaugural Samsung 6G Forum in 2022. This partnership with Princeton University underscores Samsung's commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the communications sector.

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