Sarawak Premier Unveils First Asia Pacific Green Hydrogen Expo 2024


The commencement of the Asia Pacific Green Hydrogen Conference & Exhibition 2024 (APGH 2024) at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching, inaugurated by the Premier of Sarawak, signifies a pivotal step in the region's endeavor towards fostering a sustainable and environmentally friendly hydrogen economy. Hosted by Borneo Business Connect Sdn Bhd, and with the backing of the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Sustainability Sarawak and Business Events Sarawak, APGH 2024 strives to establish Sarawak as a prominent global center for green hydrogen production and advancement.

Speaking at the launch event, Tan Sri Datuk Asmat Kamaludin, Chairman of Borneo Business Connect Sdn Bhd, expressed his enthusiasm for the conference’s role in shaping the future of green hydrogen. “We are incredibly proud to host APGH 2024 here in Sarawak. This event represents a significant step forward in our commitment to a sustainable future. The discussions, innovations, and collaborations that will take place over the next few days will lay the groundwork for the development of a robust green hydrogen economy in the Asia Pacific region”.

APGH 2024 boasts a diverse agenda encompassing keynote speeches, panel dialogues, technical workshops, and a wide-ranging exhibition spotlighting cutting-edge developments in green hydrogen technology. With more than 100 exhibitors and 500 conference attendees, the event promises to ignite fresh initiatives, foster investments, and forge collaborative alliances.

He further highlighted, “The interest and participation we have received for APGH 2024 are truly remarkable. Companies like PETRONAS, SUMITOMO, Lotte Chemical, Samsung Engineering, and many others are here to share their cutting-edge technologies and insights. This conference provides a unique platform for stakeholders to network, exchange knowledge, and explore opportunities for collaboration”.

With its wealth of renewable energy sources and strategic initiatives, Sarawak stands ready to emerge as a frontrunner in the green hydrogen industry. Backed by the state government's ambitious objectives, Sarawak aims to propel its hydrogen economy forward by scaling up green hydrogen production and enticing substantial investments into the sector.

“We are delighted that the government of Sarawak is fully committed to the development of a green hydrogen economy. The government has set forth initiatives designed to harness the land’s natural resources, foster innovation, and create a sustainable future for its people. APGH 2024 is a testament to this dedication and an excellent opportunity to showcase Sarawak’s potential to the world”, said Tan Sri Datuk Asmat Kamaludin.

In his closing statement, Tan Sri Datuk Asmat Kamaludin urged all participants to actively engage and seize the opportunities offered by APGH 2024. “This is a momentous occasion for all of us. Let us work together to harness the power of green hydrogen and pave the way for a sustainable and prosperous future. I am confident that APGH 2024 will be a resounding success, and I look forward to the innovative ideas and collaborations that will emerge from this event”.

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