Saudi Arabia and Oman Agrees Nuclear, Radiation Safety Deal


Saudi Arabia and Oman have inked an agreement to boost nuclear and radiation safety and protection, demonstrating their commitment to upgrading the sector's technologies. The agreement intends to expand and strengthen collaboration in the use of nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. 

The deal stipulates the exchange of experiences, information, and best practices in nuclear and radiation safety, radiation defense, and environmental protection. The agreement also aims to enable the two parties to exchange nuclear and radiation regulatory guidelines, operational experiences, studies, and research, as per arab news.

Under the terms of the agreement, both parties will work on crisis communications and radioactive waste management, as well as emergency and response preparation. The MoU was signed by Abdullah bin Ali Al-Amri, Chairman of Oman's Environment Authority, and Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al-Issa, CEO of the Saudi Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Commission. 

Saudi Arabia, represented by the NRRC, inked an MoU with the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission last September on technical information and nuclear safety cooperation. Al-Issa and Christopher Hanson, head of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, signed the agreement.

The MoU was signed as part of the events of the International Atomic Energy Agency's 66th General Conference. An IAEA mission earlier this month stated that Saudi Arabia has proven a commitment to safety for all radiation source applications and incidents in the nation. 

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