Saudi Electricity Co. Ventures $373 Million In 3 Projects To Promote Power Grid


Three Saudi governorates' electricity networks will be upgraded for SR1.4 billion ($373 million), which would lower the amount of liquid fuel used there and the region's carbon emissions.According to sources, the money would be invested in Rafha, Al-Wajh, and Najran by the state-owned Saudi Electricity Co. 

The organisation strives to maximise electric power producing units for network efficiency and customers' benefits while maintaining dependability and continuity. A 380 kilovolt overhead line covering 328 kilometres will connect Rafha to the public power network in the eastern sector as part of the initial project. 

The line carrying electricity from Al-Qasima to Rafha will have a 1,650 kilovolt-amp capacity. Second, a 210 km long overhead line will connect the Al-Wajh governorate to the Green Duba power plant. 

The western region network and the northwest network will be strategically connected by this link. The third scheme, according to the SEC, would connect the Najran region with the Al Fara'a station in the Asir region through an overhead line that would stretch 236.5 km.

As the electrical networks in the southern and Najran regions improve in dependability, the third plan will likewise secure more electricity. The business declared in March that it would set aside between SR30 billion and SR35 billion for its capital expenditure in 2023. 

This investment exceeds the electric power distribution company's 2022 capital expenditure of SR27.4 billion by at least 10%. Transmission and distribution infrastructure spending is anticipated to be a priority, even if SEC did not provide a detailed breakdown of the allotted amount, given that this accounted for the majority of the firm's capital expenditure over the previous three years.

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