Singapore and Australia Invest $27 Million to Cut Maritime Emissions


Singapore and Australia have joined forces for a $27.29 million (US$20 million) endeavor designed to expedite the decarbonization of their respective maritime industries. Named the Australia-Singapore Initiative on Low Emissions Technologies (ASLET) for maritime and port operations, this initiative will be carried out by CSIRO, Australia's national science agency, in collaboration with the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA).

ASLET “intends to support the outcomes of the Singapore and Australia Green and Digital Shipping Corridor (GDSC), which will help decarbonize and digitize shipping routes between Singapore and Australia”, the countries said in a joint statement.

The program's objectives include the development of innovative solutions and the enhancement of adoption rates for zero or near-zero greenhouse gas emission technologies. Additionally, it will explore opportunities for collaboration between Australia and Singapore in green shipping and port infrastructure projects.

Moreover, the initiative will streamline the exploration, experimentation, and commercialization of technologies, fuels, and energy sources with zero or minimal greenhouse gas emissions for application in maritime shipping and port activities, according to the announcement. While both nations will contribute equally to the project's funding, it is anticipated to also attract co-funding from industry stakeholders.

The inaugural meeting of the ASLET steering committee is scheduled for April 19 during the Singapore Maritime Week. Its primary objectives are to set strategic direction and assess proposals for low-emission technology projects in maritime and port operations. The committee intends to initiate a grant call to identify projects aligning with the designated focus areas.

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