SK hynix Establishes New AI Chip Business Unit


SKSK hynix, the world's second-largest producer of memory chips, announced the creation of a new division dedicated to the artificial intelligence (AI) semiconductor business. This move aligns with the company's strategy to prioritize premium chip production due to increased demand. The recently formed AI Infra unit, part of the company's annual restructuring, consolidates SK hynix's high bandwidth memory (HBM) capabilities previously spread across various departments. Additionally, it will lead initiatives to explore and cultivate emerging markets driven by advancements in AI-related technologies, including the development of next-generation HBM chips.

Kim Juseon, who currently oversees the global sales marketing division, will take the helm of AI Infra, as stated by SK hynix. The company affirmed its technological prowess in AI memory like HBM, overcoming challenges within the global business landscape this year. In line with industry trends, SK hynix aims to further bolster its competitive edge in AI technology and drive innovations aligned with customer needs and technological advancements.

Additionally, SK hynix revealed plans to establish the N-S Committee, serving as a strategic unit dedicated to reinforcing its NAND flash memory and solution business. This entity is entrusted with enhancing profitability and optimizing the efficient utilization of resources for products and associated projects.

Concurrently, SK hynix President Kwak Noh-jung will assume the role of sole CEO of the chipmaker following the resignation of co-CEO and Vice Chairman Park Jung-ho during the recent reshuffle. SK hynix has experienced operating losses for four consecutive quarters, amounting to 1.79 trillion won ($1.32 billion) in the third quarter due to prolonged economic slowdown. Despite this, the company highlighted a narrowing operating deficit, credited to the recovering demand for high-performance products, particularly its AI memory HBM3 chips.

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