Starpower and WEIHENG Team Up on Smart Energy Storage Technology


WEIHENG Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (WEIHENG) and Starpower Network Co., Ltd. (Starpower Network) have revealed plans for a collaborative effort aimed at advancing smart energy storage system (ESS) technology.

WEIHENG stands out as a global frontrunner in the integrated ESS sector, known for its rapid growth. The company specializes in the complete lifecycle of power storage systems, catering to a diverse range of clients including utilities, clean energy producers (such as solar and hydrogen), industrial and commercial entities, as well as residential and distributed power storage markets. Furthermore, WEIHENG provides Software as a Service (SAAS) solutions, including Virtual Power Plants (VPP) and carbon trading services.

Starpower Network emerges as a cutting-edge energy network technology firm, leveraging blockchain, AI, and IoT advancements. Their focus lies in seamlessly linking energy devices across various settings, enabling the deployment of applications like virtual power plants, carbon credit generation, and enhancing energy efficiency.

Considering the significant synergy between their operations, WEIHENG and Starpower Network are initiating a strategic alliance to broaden their product and service offerings. WEIHENG's comprehensive expertise lies in providing versatile energy storage solutions across residential, industrial, and commercial sectors. In a groundbreaking initiative, Starpower Network will utilize its blockchain proficiency to tokenize WEIHENG's energy storage system, guaranteeing data security, transparency, and permanence. Additionally, by harnessing advanced AI capabilities, Starpower Network aims to elevate device management and streamline energy distribution efficiency.

The partnership endeavors to expedite WEIHENG's worldwide sales of ESS and the scaling up of its VPP and carbon trading offerings. Concurrently, it will propel the advancement and revenue expansion of Starpower Network, with the objective of establishing the most extensive distributed energy network on a global scale.

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