Sumsub Forges Strategic Partnerships in Southeast Asia to Boosts Fraud Defense


Sumsub, a global full-cycle verification platform, has unveiled a series of strategic partnerships across Southeast Asia. These collaborations involve Nexus Technologies in the Philippines, PT Secure Pasifik Teknologi in Indonesia, and Spectrum Edge in Malaysia. The initiative seeks to bolster fraud prevention efforts amidst rising online activities and related fraudulent incidents within the region's business ecosystem.

According to the official press release, Southeast Asia's digital economy growth has also attracted an increase in fraudulent activities, impacting financial losses and eroding consumer trust. Specifically, countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia have reported significant rises in fraud cases, including notable increases in deepfake incidents in recent years. Governments in these countries have responded by tightening regulations in the KYC and AML sectors.

These partnerships aim to broaden Sumsub's reach with its verification solutions across critical Southeast Asian markets. This initiative empowers local businesses to utilize Sumsub's technology effectively for compliance and to address evolving challenges in fraud and identity theft. Having set up its APAC headquarters in Singapore in July 2023, Sumsub regards the region as pivotal for its operations. Sumsub officials underscored the significance of these partnerships in meeting the growing demand for robust verification and compliance solutions in response to escalating fraud and technological advancements in the region.

In a bid to enhance its footprint, Sumsub intends to organize the 'Comply to Fortify: APAC Anti-Fraud Roadshow' in collaboration with its recent partners. This initiative will span several cities across the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia, offering a platform to demonstrate Sumsub's solutions and educate businesses about their advantages.

Sumsub offers an all-encompassing verification platform that includes KYC, KYB, Transaction Monitoring, and Fraud Prevention solutions across a spectrum of industries such as fintech, cryptocurrency, transportation, trading, e-commerce, and gaming. Nexus Technologies collaborates with leading global technologies to enhance business efficiency and foster growth through innovative service offerings. PT Secure Pasifik Teknologi specializes in distributing IT security solutions, providing advanced security products and consultancy services. Spectrum Edge, a Cyber Security Value-Added Distributor based in Malaysia, is renowned for its expertise in deploying cybersecurity solutions across various industries and sectors.

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