Taiwan and India Forge Agreement to Welcome Indian Migrant Workers


InIn a bid to address labor shortages, Taiwan and India have signed an agreement to allow Indian migrant workers to seek employment in Taiwan. The island nation, known for its semiconductor production, currently relies on a substantial migrant workforce primarily from Southeast Asian countries. With a burgeoning demand for labor in manufacturing, construction, agriculture, and other industries, Taiwan aims to diversify its sources of foreign workers.

The Ministry of Labour in Taiwan stated that the memorandum of understanding was signed between their respective de facto embassies in Taipei and Delhi. While the details of implementation are yet to be finalized, a small-scale pilot scheme will be initiated initially. If successful, it could pave the way for a more extensive influx of Indian workers, though specific numbers remain undetermined.

Taiwan, home to approximately 700,000 migrant workers, acknowledges the stable and hardworking nature of Indian labor, making them a desirable addition to the workforce. The move follows Taiwan's efforts to overcome labor shortages, given its aging population and growing demands in various sectors.

While Taiwan has not disclosed the potential number of Indian workers that may eventually be allowed, it has clarified that any figures will be determined by Taiwan itself. Contrary to earlier reports, Taiwan denies plans to admit up to 100,000 Indian workers.

The agreement signifies a step towards diversifying Taiwan's foreign labor pool and fostering closer ties between the two nations. Despite lacking formal diplomatic relations, India and Taiwan share a robust business relationship, with India actively encouraging Taiwanese tech companies to invest and manufacture in the country. The move is also notable in the context of strained relations between India and China, as India seeks to strengthen economic ties with Taiwan.

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