Taiwan's medtech firm Suglasses raises $6.5M from Pre-A funding round


Surglasses, a medical technology company based in Taiwan, wrapped up a $6.5 million Pre-A investment round. This investment, led by Taiwania Capital, marked a significant turning point in Surglasses's development as a medical technology company. Participating investors included renowned venture capital firm Integrated Capital, 500 STARTUPS V, L.P. from the United States, Wisdom Capital Limited Partnership, and Sustainable Impact Capital (SIC).

The fact that the round's initial fundraising goal of $5 million was oversubscribed and ultimately reached $6.5 million is also important, as it shows how confident investors are in the firm. The funds raised primarily aim to expedite the research, development, and marketing of the startup's ground-breaking product, the Caduceus S AR navigation system.

Caduceus S is an augmented reality (AR) medical device with FDA 510(k) clearance that is specifically made for intricate spinal procedures. With the use of several trackers and a clear Head-Mounted Display (HMD), the technology enables the real-time overlay of 3D spinal anatomy onto the patient during surgical procedures, giving doctors precise direction and simplifying their work.

Basically, the Caduceus S system shows pre-programmed paths on the head-mounted display (HMD), providing critical direction to surgeons without requiring them to look away from external monitors.

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