Toshiba Appoints Kazutoshi Hashimoto As Managing Director For Asia and Oceania


Kazutoshi Hashimoto has been named the new Managing Director of Toshiba Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., with effect from July 20, 2023. Mr. Hashimoto will be in charge of managing and enhancing Toshiba's group-wide business footprint in Southeast Asia, India, and Oceania. He succeeds Mr. Hiroshi Fukuchi.

To accomplish company success in international markets, Toshiba Group intends to promote comprehensive and cross-sectional business strategies. In the Global Strategy and Business Development Division of Toshiba Corporation, Mr. Hashimoto will collaborate closely with the recently formed group. To develop the global business strategy for Toshiba Group, assist in the establishment of new enterprises in international markets, and improve global subsidiary governance, this division will report directly to the president.

Mr. Hashimoto has consistently shown a great level of commitment and knowledge. Mr. Hashimoto has focused his career on the semiconductor and storage products industries since joining Toshiba in 1992 and is in charge of System Large-Scale Integration (LSI). In 2012, Mr. Hashimoto entered the Chinese market and joined Toshiba Electronics (China) Co., Ltd. in search of fresh challenges and exposure abroad. After moving back to Japan, he spent the most of his professional life working in the semiconductor industry, focusing in Discrete Devices & Optoelectronic Devices.

Mr. Hashimoto is renowned for his unshakable commitment, honesty, and enthusiasm for perfection in addition to his professional accomplishments. He has consistently vowed to promote innovation and forge solid connections with partners and clients.

Mr. Hashimoto received his law degree from Kumamoto University.

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