UAE Based Injazat Inks 3-year Licensing Strategic Partnership Deal With Micro Focus


As per the most recent strategic partnership deal, Injazat will continue to serve its sizable clientele in the UAE as the largest provider of Micro Focus software products in the region.

At the Injazat headquarters in Abu Dhabi, the contract was signed by Mr Toufic Derbass, Managing Director for MEA, Micro Focus, and Mr. Ussama Dahabiyeh, CEO of Injazat.

In order to create a comprehensive IT framework, the alliance combines the management and monitoring solution services of Injazat with the durable solutions of Micro Focus. With the adoption of digital workflows, the partnership will help Injazat's clients in the public and private sectors speed their journeys towards digital transformation. By automating multi-step procedures, coordinating employee actions, and syncing data across platforms, digital workflows help companies improve business outcomes.

As per Ussama Dahabiyeh CEO – Injazat “It is our pleasure to strengthen our longstanding collaboration with a world-class enterprise software provider such as Micro Focus (now OpenText), through this three-year Strategic partnership agreement. The new partnership brings together Injazat’s established presence in the digital transformation market and Micro Focus’s extensive technological and market expertise with software and tools that ensure smooth IT operations. With Micro Focus top-notch products, we will be able to provide best-in-class services to our clients.” 

Injazat will have extensive access to Micro Focus' top-tier IT Operations Management (ITOM) and Information Technology Support for Asset Management (ITSAM) software thanks to their three-year licencing Strategic partnership agreement. IT departments can design, create, and manage digital services using ITOM, and ITSAM monitors the acquisition, renewal, deployment, and redeployment of assets.

Mr. Derbass, said that “Injazat and Micro Focus have been partners for more than 10 years in the UAE market, bringing business value and helping protect investments for customers in the public and private sectors. We are excited about the strategic transformation that Injazat has gone through and its prominent position as a digital transformation partner for both the UAE and the Saudi market as well. In this capacity, Injazat is offering end-to-end solutions in the UAE and Saudi Arabia."

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