UAE Based Kanoo Join Hands With G Travel To Offer Management Solutions


To provide offshore, marine, resource, and energy travel solutions as well as global travel management services, Kanoo Travel has teamed with G Travel International of Norway to create its new vertical, Kanoo Travel MORE.

With Kanoo Travel MORE, the company is able to provide customers with a greater selection of options and better travel experiences. Kanoo Travel has partnered with G Travel International, a well-known industry leader, in an effort to offer its customers unmatched travel management solutions.

Ali Abdulla Kanoo, Chairman - SBU Trading Divisions, said: “We are thrilled to join forces with G International Travel to introduce Kanoo Travel MORE. This collaboration not only boosts our market position, but also highlights our shared goal of providing our valued clients with excellent travel experiences and services.

“We are positioned to expand our capacity to fulfil the increasing demands of our clients and surpass their expectations by employing G Travel International's worldwide network, technical skills, and vast experience in the Marine & Energy sector. We are invested in strengthening industry standards and transforming the travel management ecosystem.”

Zaeem Gama, Kanoo Travel Divisional CEO, commented: “Kanoo Travel MORE is a significant milestone in our pursuit of innovation and consumer experience. Our strategic partnership with G Travel International adds a distinct and compelling dynamic.”

“We unlock an exceptional potential to serve our customers with unique opportunities for travel suited to their specific needs by employing their strong network and experience in the Marine & Energy market. We are forging an innovative path in the sector by leveraging our skills to push the boundaries of travel management and provide remarkable experiences that exceed expectations. This partnership highlights our dedication to staying ahead of changing industry trends and cements our position as a leader in the field of travel management,” he added.

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