UCloud and HGC Join Forces to Enhance Cloud Services in Southeast Asia


HGC Global Communications Limited (HGC), a comprehensive ICT service provider and network operator with extensive global reach, and UCloud Technology Co., Ltd. (UCloud), a neutral provider of cloud computing services, have unveiled a strategic alliance. Their joint venture targets the cloud market in Southeast Asia, beginning with Thailand. The partnership seeks to deliver enterprises and Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms with agile, dependable, and adaptable cloud solutions, fostering and expediting their journey toward digital transformation.

This partnership signals a promising start for HGC and UCloud as they embark on joint market development efforts in Southeast Asia. Leveraging UCloud's extensive range of cloud products and robust technical solutions, HGC aims to rapidly establish a streamlined public cloud infrastructure. This move will bolster HGC's EdgeX portfolio, a comprehensive solution encompassing Global Connectivity, Data Centers, Cybersecurity, Managed Services, and Cloud Connections. This initiative will empower us to deliver outstanding, adaptable, and tailor-made cloud computing services alongside a full suite of Internet Services such as Eyeball-as-a-Service and AMS-IX, supported by a resilient Telecom infrastructure.

As a prominent cloud technology enterprise, UCloud has been steadily broadening its global footprint since 2013. Drawing from 30 years of experience as a network operator with extensive global reach, HGC possesses deep insights into customer requirements in Southeast Asia. Additionally, HGC boasts significant local service experience in Thailand, playing a pivotal role in expediting the swift implementation of UCloud's cutting-edge cloud technology solutions in the area. Through the fusion of UCloud's technological expertise and HGC's intimate understanding of the local market, this collaboration is uniquely poised to offer customized and impactful integrated cloud solutions.

Steven Xu Tan, CEO, Oversea Business of UCloud said, "This collaboration represents a significant milestone in the integration of cloud computing and telecommunications ecosystems. It also marks the beginning of a comprehensive collaboration between UCloud and HGC's overseas team to effectively serve global customers. As one of the leading cloud service providers in China expanding globally, UCloud has achieved extensive overseas infrastructure coverage by establishing availability zones in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. HGC has extensive global network infrastructure and expertise in digital services, enabling the delivery of customized solutions for customers across industries. We firmly believe that UCloud and HGC can work together to drive the adoption of cloud computing in Thailand and other regions".

Cliff Tam, Senior Vice President, Global Data Strategy & Operations, International Business of HGC said, "We are delighted to embark on this strategic collaboration with UCloud, leveraging their cutting-edge cloud infrastructure and service capabilities to swiftly establish EdgeX with HGC cloud service portfolio in overseas markets. With decades of expertise under our belt, we are committed to delivering excellence to Internet community and OTT customers, catering to their diverse requirements on the digital transformation of the region's agile environment. Building upon our collaboration in Thailand, we are confident that we will replicate this advanced experience and achieve greater breakthroughs across various industries and in other overseas regions".

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