US Highlights India as Key South Asian Partner in Joint Initiatives


IndiaIndia has become a pivotal partner for the United States in South Asia, according to the Biden administration. Afreen Akhter, Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs, outlined collaborative efforts, citing the US-India Initiative on Critical and Emerging Technology (iCET). Launched in 2022, iCET aims to fortify the semiconductor supply chain, advance space cooperation, and collaborate on cutting-edge telecommunications.

The partnership extends to climate and infrastructure projects. The US, in conjunction with India, is working on multi-billion-dollar climate infrastructure initiatives. A notable component is a new fund, including a USD 500 million investment from the US Development Finance Corporation. This collaboration encompasses diverse projects, such as the introduction of 40,000 public electric buses through an innovative payment security mechanism.

The defense partnership between the US and India is deepening, evident through joint exercises, strengthened defense industrial cooperation, and the annual 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue. Defense cooperation is a key facet of the Indo-Pacific strategy.

Highlighting broader regional engagement, the US is making substantial investments in South Asia. A significant investment in the Port of Colombo in Sri Lanka, announced in the fall of the previous year, aims to expand capacity and elevate Sri Lanka's economic standing in the region.

Furthermore, the US is actively involved in enhancing regional security. Recent initiatives include providing patrol boats to the Maldives for monitoring Exclusive Economic Zones and delivering Coast Guard cutters to Sri Lanka.

The comprehensive collaboration emphasizes the multifaceted nature of the US-India relationship, spanning critical technologies, climate initiatives, and regional security for mutual benefit.

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