USAID and Tadbirkor Ayol Boost Central Asian Women in Hospitality


A confeA conference hosted by USAID and Tadbirkor Ayol in Tashkent brought together 200 women entrepreneurs, professionals, and industry experts from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and the Kyrgyz Republic to advance women’s roles in Central Asia’s hospitality sector

Edward Michalski, USAID Deputy Mission Director in Uzbekistan, lauded the participants' resilience and creativity, underscoring the essential impact of women on the industry’s future. “Investing in women and girls is crucial for transforming communities. When women thrive, families, communities, and nations benefit”, Michalski remarked.

Gulnora Makhmudova, Chairwoman of 'Tadbirkor Ayol', emphasized the sector's growing significance and women’s increasing participation. Highlighting the project “Women in the Hotel Business: Hospitality from the Future”, launched in April 2024 with USAID’s support, Makhmudova noted the initiative’s focus on integrating innovations and digital tools into hospitality.

Since its inception, the project has trained 115 women in modern hotel management practices across Tashkent, Andijan, and Samarkand, equipping them with vital skills to navigate and lead contemporary hospitality businesses.

The conference addressed critical themes such as service quality, digitalization, and current tourism standards, concluding with actionable recommendations to boost regional cooperation, promote best practices, and foster sustainable growth in hospitality.

USAID, recognized globally as a leading international development agency, continues to drive impactful development initiatives. This conference exemplifies its commitment to empowering women and supporting sustainable development in Central Asia’s hospitality industry.

The event reflects ongoing efforts to enhance women’s roles in business and the region’s hospitality sector, aiming to build a future where women are pivotal in transforming tourism and hospitality across Central Asia.

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