Vietnam firm Vinbrain partners with Microsoft To Expand AI-Powered Healthcare to Patients Worldwide


One of the top IT firms in Vietnam, VinBrain, is trying to revolutionise global healthcare with its AI solutions. DrAid, an AI pathology prediction platform that has proven effective in over 150 hospitals and won the prestigious ACM SIGAI Industry Award 2021, is one of VinBrain's main products. DrAid is a valuable use case that Microsoft has created to work with others on validating the effects of Florence, a new foundation model for computer vision that Microsoft has created.

Additionally, DrAid is the first and only artificial intelligence (AI) programme for X-ray diagnostics in Southeast Asia to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), adding Vietnam to the list of six nations with an FDA-approved AI product for identifying pneumothorax on chest X-rays.

Microsoft will give VinBrain's developers dependable, integrated cloud capabilities, enabling VinBrain to provide consumers with a better experience. This cooperation will use Microsoft Azure to implement data sharing and apply it to the information obtained by VinBrain's DrAid. Microsoft will also support VinBrain in managing constantly changing compliance standards, boosting VinBrain's offering's security and privacy, and enhancing data governance and trust. 

Currently, DrAid has a sizable dataset that has been gathered from many sources, including the United States, Europe, and Asia. It consists of more than 2,300,000 photos, of which about 400,000 have labels that have been approved by senior radiologists. In addition to sharing data, VinBrain will also provide medical image data annotation services to more than 100 hospital-based customers. For this, VinBrain will draw on a network of top medical professionals, such as pathologists and radiologists, as well as early field validation of its developed AI.

“Nearly 2,000 doctors are currently using DrAid at more than 100 hospitals across Vietnam, including those with the largest patient traffic, such as 108 Military Central Hospital, 199 Hospital, Vietnam National Cancer Hospital, etc. Therefore, our datasets are updated and enlarged on a daily basis, which benefits the progress of data assessment”, said Mr. Steven Truong, VinBrain’s CEO. “Using the latest foundation of AI technology and evaluation, this collaboration with Microsoft will directly impact billions of people through early detection and workflow productivity.”

VinBrain will use Azure Cognitive Services for Vision and the most recent and cutting-edge technologies to perform cross-validation on the Deep Learning models and examine AI-powered global health results. VinBrain and other HealthTech companies will be directly empowered by the impressive Azure AI capability evaluation period, such as computer vision and the most recent Florence foundation model, to improve productivity and efficiency, resulting in a quicker time to market and a potential high R&D cost saving, especially for the HealthTech space. 

The VinBrain development team can access and create AI capabilities with the use of various tools for analysing submitted photos, returning data, and creating, deploying, and enhancing image classifiers. In turn, this will raise DrAid's medical imaging accuracy rate.

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