Virtualware Collaborates with AdvanSoft To Set Foot Print in Malaysia


Spanish technology company Virtualware, one of the European leaders in the virtual reality industry, has signed a partnership agreement with AdvanSoft Sdn Bhd to boost VIROO's presence in Malaysia. The agreement welcomes AdvanSoft to the VIROO Partner Program with the goal of expanding VIROO into the industrial training market, as well as into the educational and research areas.

AdvanSoft has more than 12 years of experience and expertise working with companies to increase productivity and safety by simplifying business processes with software IT solution, particularly related to mobile application solution, barcode/RFID identification, information management, factory automation, augmented / virtual reality, etc. Their key industries are oil & gas, petrochemical, power utilities and manufacturing.

“Multi-user virtual reality for remote collaboration is still new in the market and has great potential. With VIROO digital solution, such VR environment can be achieved easily and quickly, where multi-user able to collaborate and work more effectively in various virtual environment and scenarios.” Fong YH, CEO at AdvanSoft.

“Our target industry and application are more towards industrial training and research/universities, who are the VR content creators.”, commented Fong YH.

Nevertheless, the partnership activities between AdvanSoft and Virtualware go back a long way. Back in 2017, collaborating with AdvanSoft, Virtualware developed an augmented reality app for Petronas Gas Berhad, a company of Petronas (Petroliam Nasional Berhad), the Malaysian leading gas infrastructure and utilities company, with the capability to identify and continuously track key equipment identified against current user location.

“We are thrilled to welcome AdvanSoft to VIROO’s Partner Program. By means of this collaboration, VIROO will assume a pivotal role in providing a more flexible and appropriate training and education across a wide range of industries and public sectors in Malaysia.”, said Jesus Garrido, Global Sales Manager of Virtualware.

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