Empowering the Future: Here are 10 Inspirational Quotes by Women Leaders in Manufacturing



The manufacturing industry is transforming through the contributions of women business leaders, as they add value to the manufacturing sector, making it more inclusive with fair chances for everyone. By women leaders in manufacturing the industry holds more than 30 percent of manufacturing jobs, there is a great opportunity for women looking to enter this industry.  Here are inspiring women leaders and leadership quotes from inspiring women in the manufacturing industry.

Indra Nooyi, Former CEO, PepsiCo

“Think women are held to a different standard from men when it comes to celebrating their professional accomplishments. No matter what we do, we are never quite enough. Getting a promotion or a prize outside the home sometimes seems to mean that either that prize was easy to get or that we are letting our domestic duties slide.”

Logeswari Shivaprakash, COO, Herbal Pharm

“Embrace adaptability, ethics, and a customer-centric approach. Commit to contin­uous personal and organizational growth. Stay in­formed about industry trends and regulatory chang­es. Be open to technology and digital transformation. Prioritize sustainability and social responsibility. Fi­nally, conduct thorough research before expanding into new markets. With the right mindset and strat­egies, budding leaders can navigate challenges and seize opportunities in the dynamic nutraceutical in­dustry.”

Surinaa Triveen, Founder & Managing Director, Surpassing Standards International LLC 

“Take care of your team, nurture and build. Materials you will find from a hundred sources but it’s hard to find the right people. If you have them, value them. And on the work front, creativity is at the heart of what we do. While business strategies and financial goals are important, allowing space for creativity and being client-obsessed will set you apart. Always nurture the creative spirit in yourself and your team.”

Vebbyna Kaunang, Chief Marketing Officer, PT Kino Indonesia Tbk

“Success is not just about achieving financial gains, but also about creating sustainable & logical actions in all tasks. In the fast-paced and ever-evolving realm of marketing, maintaining a competitive edge necessitates a profound comprehension of the latest trends, technologies, and best practices spanning a diverse range of industries. By actively seeking exposure to different sectors, leaders can develop a broad perspective on the multifaceted challenges and abundant opportunities that businesses encounter in today’s landscape. This multifaceted understanding allows leaders to identify and apply innovative strategies and approaches that transcend traditional boundaries, propelling their organizations forward.”

Peggy Gulick, Director-Digital Transformation, Global Manufacturing, AGCO

“As work organizations diversify, the manufacturing sector holds the greatest opportunity for women to add value by thinking differently.  If that is not enough, it is also our greatest chance to accessorize while working with Google glasses, bionic vests, smart watches, and steel-toed shoes.”

Allison Grealis, President of Women in Manufacturing

“It’s important to note that not only is manufacturing is good for women, but women are also good for manufacturing. The benefits of bringing more women into manufacturing are numerous, but here are two practical ones: First, as we all know, manufacturing has a significant skills gap. To fill it, we need to look at more than 50 percent of the population."

"Women must be recruited in every role to address our industry’s needs. Secondly, when there are more women in manufacturing companies and taking on leadership roles, we will see manufacturing companies grow and our industry as a whole thrive. Research tells us that when companies are more diverse, and when there are more women at the leadership table, those companies are more profitable,” says Grealis.


Kathryn Kelley, Executive Director, Ohio Manufacturing Institute

“Women are change agents, whether they are on the manufacturing shop floor or reporting on major events that affect our livelihoods. Our perspectives provide strong contributions to a diverse workforce – we need to own that power at the workplace.”

Aneesa Muthana, President  & Co-Owner of Pioneer Service, Inc.

“Manufacturers are makers. The process of bringing people together to MAKE something that will go on to serve a bigger purpose is where my passion lies. Knowing that the parts that leave my shop are contributing to the world at large, touching lives, and benefiting people fuels the passion.”

Philippa Oldham, Strategic Engagement Director, Advanced Propulsion Centre

“You are entering a time of transition when the world is your oyster. Manufacturing is the heart of everything that we use and dispose of – ideally in a sustainable way. Improving the efficiencies of these processes and retaining the value of our products is paramount. However, never feel trapped in one sector – always move when you start to feel comfortable or bored, as other sectors will need your wealth of knowledge and experience to improve and grow their businesses.”

Kate Barnett, Global Operations Director, ThermoFisher Scientific

“No guts, no glory: nudge yourself out of your comfort zone and try things out safely by assembling a trusted team around you who can give you honest feedback. Aim high. Be authentic. Give credit where it is due.”

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