Top Places That Will Complete Your Holiday Experience in Dubai



Dubai, the ‘Gulf Tiger’, is in a roaring posture today. Having had its humble beginning as a fishing village surrounded by an enormous spread of desert planes, Dubai today is a booming cultural melting pot, continually attracting visitors. If shopping for gold seems like a casual outing, then a luxury ride to those stores in a Jaguar, Mercedes, Audi and much more shouldn’t be as surprising, not to mention the extra fancy police cars patrolling over tourist spots. This is only the tip of what the emirate’s iconic city stands for.

According to the emirate’s Department of Economy and Tourism, Dubai welcomed about 6.17 million international visitors from January to May 2022, an increase of more than two million from the pandemic ridden-yesteryear .

A huge part of this bounce back from COVID-19 owes thanks to the government initiatives, and the Expo 2020.

During the first four months of the year, the figure shows a 20 percent rise from the 5.1 million international visitors.

"As we look ahead to the remainder of 2022 and beyond, we will harness the key elements that have ensured the industry’s steady growth year after year since we reopened to international visitors in 2020 — providing an unparalleled diverse destination offering [with] unique value and memorable experiences for our guests," Helal Almarri, director general of DET (Department of Economic Development).


Here are some of the amazing tourism experiences to indulge in Dubai for a grand vacation.

How About a Bird’s Eye View of all the Cool Places?

If you are confused about which place to check out first? How about a breathtakingly high view of the entire city with all the cool places to visit in front of your eyes? That’s Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. The 124th floor has an observation deck, and by chance, if you happen to miss the premium ‘At The Top of The Sky’ tour, then you will miss these lines and move up straight away to the 148th floor for a way more high-flying experience.

Tales of the Arabian Nights Come True Here

The Dessert Safari is one of the iconic attractions of the city, taking you to the land of vast plains of sand to relive the stories of Arabian Nights. There are dune buggies, quad bikes, Evening Desert Safari or Deluxe Overnight Safari, sunset camel ride, and an exotic dinner among others that make it an exciting experience.

Dive in to the Aqua World

Most aquariums around the world have only select species of marine life. Whereas, the Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo take you to the depths of the ocean to see various forms of sea life at their natural habitat. T It is also the largest suspended aquariums in the world. witness it to see the definition of what the word splendour looks like. Located in the ground level of the Dubai Mall, the $10 million worth aquarium tank is home to more than 140 species with over 300 sharks, including a collection of Sand Tiger Sharks. Travellers can choose to do a glass bottom ride over the tank, take a dip in for a fine cage snorkelling activity, shark dive or walk through the conventional 48-meter tunnel that offers 270 degree view of the aquarium.

Get Both Cartier & Harry Winston at One Place

This is the most famous and largest mall in the world and is known for luxury stores such as Cartier and Harry Winston. It spreads over an area of 12 million square meters, has over 1200 stores, 26 cinema screens, 120 cafes and restaurants, and has a huge aquarium to explore underneath.. Looks like you’ll need more than a day to truly explore every spot in this mall.

Humid & Relaxing Family Tour Experience

Spanning 12 hectors, the Jumeirah Beach Park is one of the finest and relaxing destinations for a family outing. A blend of sand and grassland, the hybrid park is a great place for a get together and picnic amid nature. You can make a full use of facilities such as children’s play area, barbecue area, picnic tables, showers, food kiosks, volleyball area, and a lot more.

Ferry into the Past

The emirates first major port, Dubai Creek is full of historical significance. The Creek has served as a safe harbour for trade along with other ports of the Arabian Gulf. Today, it is one of the finest destinations for a ride back into the past on exciting ferries and the water taxi, which is a reliable option as well. Dhow Cruise is one of the most famous experiences here, especially for those who seek to experience the grandeur of Dubai at the comfort and convenience of a luxury sea ride. Dubai Creek also has scrumptious meals for you to try, alongside other boat entertainments.

Learn Skiing & Talk to Penguins

Located at the Mall of the Emirates, Ski Dubai is the world’s third largest indoor ski slope and the first to open in the Middle East. It has over 6000 tonnes of snow. Be it basic learning or getting a high flying 10 ramp experience, there are qualified experts who ensure a safe and thrilling snow skiing experience. You can ask the Penguin folks in person to assure you that. While they are at it, they will acquaint you with the colony of Gentoo and King Penguins through engaging and interactive programs. Also, don’t forget to watch the march of the penguins that happens several times a day.

Slide for an Adventure

The Aquaventure Water Dubai is the Middle East and Europe’s number one water parks that has some of the most exciting and adventurous water slides. Apart from the slides, the park also lines up various entertainment options such as Dolphin Adventure, Ultimate Aquarium Dive, and The Lost Chambers Aquarium.

One Stop to Hollywood’s Favorite Motion Picture Studios

Hollywood’s best motion picture studios will forever be DreamWorks Animation, Columbia Pictures and Lionsgate among others. What if you could visit all three at a single location? Hollywood's three biggest and most prosperous motion picture studios are represented at Motiongate Dubai at Dubai Parks and Resorts, bringing you the best in branded entertainment, as you explore the world of innovation and imaginative storytelling. Select whether to enter the Smurfs' magical world or fight alongside the Ghostbusters to save New York. Alternatively, you can take your kids to multimedia theater performances and ride a variety of thrilling roller coasters. However, don't forget to stop by the Studio Central to see the authentic New York City movie sets before you depart.

Dubai is definitely a cool and safe place to visit, especially since there are numerous safety laws and security infrastructure placed beneath the luxury malls and shiny hotels. It’s also a city with the low crime rate, thanks to the strict laws and a highly advanced and state-of-the-art police force.

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