| | MARCH 20239IN FOCUSAUTOMOBILE MANUFACTURER STELLANTIS TO OPEN SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT HUB IN POLANDIn the south-western Polish city of Gliwice, Stellantis announced that it would establish a new software development hub close to a manufacturing facility and staff it with up to 300 people. According to the auto-maker, the facility will increase "software development resources to existing Stellantis technical operations throughout Europe". The corporation already runs soft-ware development centres in nations like Brazil, India, Italy, France, and Germany. With carmakers boosting research investments and hiring more executives with specialised skills to give customers additional services linked to connection, data, and e-Commerce, software is becoming more and more important in modern vehicles and a significant source of revenue. By 2030, Stellantis said its software-driven strategy will increase yearly revenues by 20 billion ($21.36 billion).Providing clean, connected, cost-effective, and safe mobility solutions, Stellantis is a top worldwide automobile and mobility provider. The depth of our company's iconic brand portfolio, the variety and enthusiasm of our workforce, and our strong relationships to the communities in which we operate are its strengths. Our transition to a sustainable mobility tech firm is being driven by our aggressive electrification and software strategies as well as the development of an innovative ecosystem of key, game-changing collaborations. Our portfolio of brands is ideally situated to provide cutting-edge and environmentally friendly solutions in this new era of mobility, as consumers embrace electrification, connectivity, autonomous driving, and shared ownership.
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