| | NOVEMBER 20233Leaders in marketing services are visionaries who navigate the ever-evolving landscape of advertising, branding, and consumer engage-ment. They combine creative brilliance with data-driven insights, harnessing the power of storytelling and technology to connect with audienc-es in meaningful ways. In an era of constant change, marketing service leaders are the architects of brand success, shaping the future of marketing with their ex-pertise and foresight.Yosuke Suzuki, President of Wieden + Kennedy (Tokyo/Seoul), is one such industry luminary with a dynamic professional journey spanning two decades characterized by a commitment to driving impactful innovation within organizations. With roots in Japan and exposure to diverse cultures, Yosuke Suzuki's strategic prowess was honed through pivotal roles at BBH Japan, Naked Communications, Dentsu, and Coca-Cola. His leadership ethos is anchored in adaptability, a keen eye for identifying strategic assets, and the nurturing of collective intelligence within his team.In an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights Asia, Yosuke Suzuki enlightens us more about his professional journey and his leadership traits. Brief us about your professional background and experiences, highlighting the key milestones that have shaped your career journey.My professional journey has been marked by a diverse range of experiences, driven by a passion for making a meaningful impact in the organizations I've been a part of. Born in Japan and living in the US and UK, I developed a fascination for understanding diverse cultures. Being a Japanese kid abroad and returning home highlighted the importance of connecting across backgrounds. This outlook extended to understanding how businesses operate, leading me to pursue a career that's fulfilling and valuable to daily life. Marketing emerged as my common ground, rooted in innovation and influencing various business facets. I firmly believe that marketing transcends advertising; it's about fostering innovation within a company. Throughout my career, I've worked in various companies, and my decision to join them has never been based solely on their brand reputation. Instead, I've prioritized whether I could truly be useful within those organizations and whether I could affect positive change or influence their direction. This mindset has guided my journey from my early days to where I am now.A pivotal milestone in my career was at BBH Japan, starting as an account executive, and honing strategic thinking skills. Another significant moment was my time with Naked Communications, where I joined a startup, deepening my understanding of diverse business facets. Subsequently, at Dentsu, I crafted strategies in English and Japanese, expanding my global perspective by collaborating with different countries. Teaching and coaching young planners underscored the importance of persuasive argumentation in strategy. My career took a turn when I moved to Coca-Cola Japan as an in-house strategy and creative lead, focusing on enhancing their presence. Later, at R/GA Tokyo, I led as Managing Director, launching the office (at the time of launch, I was Executive Strategy Director), a pivotal juncture in building an organization. Today, as President at Wieden + Kennedy (Tokyo/Seoul), I remain committed to influencing growth and aligning with the organization's vision, striving to make a meaningful impact in various realms.What is the motivation that fuels your daily routines?My daily motivation revolves around the pursuit of meaningful impact. While my career trajectory may have started in a more conventional account/strategy role, I have consistently been a strategist throughout my professional journey. Even as I transitioned into a more business-oriented role, the bedrock of my approach has remained rooted in strategy. For me, strategy is the compass that guides us in creating TOP 10LEADERS IN ADVERTISINGIN JAPAN - 2023A Catalyst for Marketing Innovation with Strategic Prowess By Shiwani Pradhan
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