| | NOVEMBER 20234experiences and services that resonate with people. It's about pinpointing the right direction to ensure that what we offer is not just functional but also enriching.Interestingly, my inclination towards this mindset can be traced back to my childhood and the profound influence of my father. My father often reminded me that I was no different from anyone else and that I wouldn't necessarily change the world. However, he emphasized that there was one meaningful thing I could do--make the people around me happy and useful. This principle has served as the foundation of my life's purpose. In essence, I've embraced my father's wisdom, firmly believing that my purpose lies in contributing to the happiness and utility of those around me.How would you define Wieden + Kennedy as an organization and its current position in the market?Wieden + Kennedy is an organization dedicated to fostering an environment where creativity thrives. Our core mission revolves around inspiring, challenging, and supporting creative minds to produce work that holds significance in culture. What sets us apart is our inherent human touch, placing a profound emphasis on people and culture.In our approach to marketing and branding, we stand apart from the conventional practices of simply seeking attention or raising awareness. While these are common objectives for many companies, our distinctive focus lies in whether the work we put out into the world contributes to building the brand itself and nurturing a trust-based, thought-provoking relationship between the brand and its customers.In essence, Wieden + Kennedy epitomizes the concept of being a `human' company, which influences our unique attitude and approach. We acknowledge that, like all human endeavors, there may be aspects that are both positive and challenging, reflecting the complexity of human nature. However, this very humanity is what allows us to bring authenticity and depth to our work, setting us apart in the market.Can you tell us about your leadership approach and the guidelines or methodologies you follow as a leader?Management, in my view, is a mindset that adapts to the unique nuances of each business environment. While the core principles of leadership remain consistent, the execution varies significantly due to differences in business styles, talent, and resources. A key aspect of leadership is identifying the strategic assets available within the organization, recognizing gaps, and finding ways to harness the collective intelligence of the team. It involves motivating team members by providing them with a platform to excel and pursue their own initiatives.I assume various roles depending on the project's requirements, ranging from strategist to mentor or supporter. Flexibility in leadership is crucial; titles and hierarchical norms should not hinder one's willingness to help and guide the team when needed. Leading by example is a powerful method of on-the-job training (OJT), where team members can observe and learn from experienced leaders. This approach fosters development without making individuals feel inferior.The paramount goal of any leader should be to elevate the team. It involves recognizing and appreciating the team's efforts, motivating them, and ensuring they have the tools and support needed to succeed. It's about being self-aware, trusting the team, and being ambitious, not just for personal gain but for the success and recognition of the entire team. Leadership should inspire and empower others rather than seeking personal credit.As a successful leader in the industry, what advice would you offer to budding industry leaders?For aspiring industry leaders, I would like to offer some insights. First and foremost, consider the idea of positioning and context. While you may hold a prominent leadership role, like being the boss, it's vital to think beyond titles and hierarchies. Your true position within the organization goes beyond the formal designation. To effectively lead, you must be adaptable and able to as-sume different roles as circum-stances dictate. Moreover, be ambitious but not greedy. Strive for success, both for yourself and your team, but avoid the pitfall of seeking per-sonal recognition at the expense of others. True lead-ership is about uplifting and s u p p o r t -ing those a r o u n d you.
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