Data Goes Way Beyond Numbers


AI is filling the air these days. Generative AI in marketing is triggering limitless possibilities, and organizations are already using this newfound freedom. Coca-Cola, however, is taking it to the next level. The beverage company has just launched a new flavor co-created by artificial intelligence. The company calls it the soda ‘from the future.’ As reported by CNBC, the new flavor is available for a limited time in both regular and zero-sugar varieties.

Coca-Cola has also released info on the creation process. Everything started with researchers collecting flavor preferences from consumers. This data was fed into a proprietary artificial intelligence system, creating the flavor profile. The robotic baby soda was born—straight out of data.

Today, data is not just about numbers but about real people and their emotions. Trusting the data is a challenge that organizations must overcome to succeed in the digital era. CMOs must plant, cultivate, and firmly root the philosophy of bringing data to the center of marketing decision-making. There will be instances wherein you cannot be 100 percent objective, which is all right. The important aspect is having a general philosophy around objectivity and understanding. They will have to tread unchartered territories, working more collaboratively with technology departments. While working closely with technology & UI/UX teams, marketing heads must focus heavily on external marketing dynamics, customer needs, and general buyer behavior while ensuring technology interventions wherever possible. This special issue is an endeavor to unroll some of the interesting stories from the marketing ecosystem of Indonesia.

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