Different Rules to Play By


Sujith Vasudevan, Managing EditorThe demand generation function has undergone several waves of transformation over the past decades in line with the technology revolution. From black & white print ads to digital hoardings, video ads, and social media ads, we have come a long way. But something that has remained constant is the lack of room for error, especially for multinational companies. What works in the US, could be offensive in India or vice versa. For instance, in 2008, Levis launched the ‘Stuck on You’ ad featuring Kangana Ranaut, lying on top of a shirtless male model in a bikini. It would have been a run of the mill ad campaign in the US, but attracted a lot of criticism from the Indian audience.

In fact, the room for error in marketing in the digital age is almost nix. Given the power of the online world and social media, a small overlook can cause grave dangers to your brand. Marketing professionals should take the bus from the times when they worked off assumptions or gut feelings. Today, they need to turn to the most reliable source of information: Customer data. It goes beyond doing the right thing or being politically correct while publishing an advertisement.

We all know that Data helps to gain better clarity about the target audience and equips organizations with the ability to build stronger connections with potential customers. Most importantly, when the entire consumer market demands unique experiences with every transaction, marketers can offer consumers personalized suggestions relevant to them, while satisfying the need to protect their privacy.

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