Mental Health of Students Need More Focus


Sujith Vasudevan, Managing EditorIt is no secret that the covid-19 pandemic became catalytic in deteriorating the mental health scenario in the world. Studies have shown that the COVID-19 pandemic caused stress which increased the levels of anxiety and depression among students, especially college students. Maybe more than ever, faculty members are talking to students about mental health. And it is effective too.

But something we leave out in the process is the mental health of the professors themselves. The pressure on them has grown multifold in the past months, testing their mental health limits. According to a COVID-19-era report from Boston University’s School of Public Health, the Mary Christie Foundation, and the Healthy Minds Network, nearly 30 percent of surveyed professors report having two or more symptoms of depression. Many of them report suffering from the same health challenges their students face.

The recent years have been excellent in bringing to light the importance of mental health among students, employees, athletes, and more. It is a great omen to witness leading global universities applying more focus on mental health of students and faculties. The Center for Psychological Development (CPD) at Tsinghua University offers counseling and various kinds of psychological services to every student in the campus. The university is also developing an English version of the program to make it available to foreign students. It’s a must that all universities and campuses worldwide follow this trajectory and ensure more attention to mental health of students.

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