More Direct Contributions from COOs


Dell has announced that its Co-Chief Operating Officer, Chuck Whitten, will resign due to a noteworthy downturn in computer demand for the company. He became Dell for 14 years as an external consultant before becoming Co-COO in 2021. Over the years, C-suit jobs have become tougher, and the pandemic hasn’t helped. Every company expects their CXOs to contribute to the growth of the company in a more direct way. Failure to fulfill that opportunity could take a toll on your career.

However, it’s not a sudden phenomenon. The role of an operations leader has always been under the dynamic process of evolution. Today, this change is happening in shut-eye time and is even more dynamic. COOs, especially those trying to create headway in the industry, need to comprehend that the skill sets and traits tech teams require have changed dramatically throughout the pandemic alone, let alone the constant change following the dynamic technology upgrades.

It’s also fascinating how the mindset of organizations and people towards digital transformation has transformed, thanks to the benefits ranging from business continuity to ease of working and collaboration capabilities. In the aftermath, COOs must adapt their strategy to match the hybrid work culture. It brings enormous challenges. They need to have a decisive understanding of technology and digital transformation. The key to success is meticulously understanding their businesses, being at the cutting edge of the latest technologies, and hence finding the right formula to build ERP solutions that not only solve customer challenges but also enhance their business outcomes. In this yearly special issue, we have curated some stories pertaining to some of the excellent COOs in Asia. Do let us know your thoughts.

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